The Handicapped Citizens

As heard in the news today, petrol prices all over India have gone up by Rs. 7.5 per litre due to rupee becoming weak against the dollar. What is the common man supposed to do after such a massive increase in the prices? With this increase, expect the prices to go up for all things. Who do we people go and complain?

In Mumbai, catching a taxi or a rickshaw and getting the driver to take you to your destination is a task by itself. And if the distance to your destination is short, forget getting there via either a taxi or a rick. On top of it, the taxi and rickshaw guys will go on a strike on any given day demanding a hike in their fares causing inconvenience to thousands of commuters. In spite of countless complains, against overcharging, or not stopping for a fare – does the government even care? What do the people do?

There are many other things apart from the ones mentioned above which makes me feel that we are a handicapped generation. The leaders are only worried about their chairs and benefits they can derive out of it. Or they are busy raising non-issues like cartoons and arguing over it. Where a government needs to lead important reforms and ensure that grains lying in the storage and getting rot are given away to the poor, our leaders squabble over petty things. This just makes me feel that there is no support for common man. We are handicapped.

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