A lot of things have been happening on the professional front. The project on which I have been working on for quite sometime is finally taking shape. I feels projects are like babies.. you feel really good when they start, grow and finally stabilize. It feels very good to see something grow right in front of your eyes especially when you have been involved in it since its very inception.

Lastly, I have rediscovered my passion for playing the Age of Empires. I spent the entire weekend playing this game. This is one of the best strategy games that I have known. I remember spending the weekends during the summer playing this game during college in the US. I am hoping to play this game everyday and use this as my stress buster. Anyways have some relatives at home now, so ending the post here only.


So yes, the weekend was not so fun. I had a tough time handling the lizards but the good news is most of them are gone (I think so). I also sealed up most of the places from where they might be entering the room/house. Lets see how long the peace lasts.

On the other hand, I did enjoy the rest of my day yesterday, watching movies. I watched Superman Returns and American Desi. I remember watching the latter when I was in my university. It is one of my favorite movies. It is about an Indian-American kid who hates everything Indian. He leaves his house hoping he wouldn’t be facing anymore Indian things in his life, but to his bad luck all his roommates are Indian and he falls in love with an Indian girl. The movie shows how the guy starts warming up to his roomies and how they help him get the girl. The movie is extremely funny.. I would recommend everyone to see it.

Oh well, the weekend is over and it is back to work week. I have too much pending to finish this week. Next week, we have a new guy starting and I will be caught up in training him. I am just hoping things go well and I am able to finish everything on time.

News from my life

I have taken up French training which is being offered at work, so now I am usually at office from 9:30am in the morning until 10:30-11:00pm Mon, Wed and Friday. The course is going to last until July, after which I will be able to give A level exams in French. The exams are conducted by the Ministry of Education in France and the classes are conducted by Alliance Francaise. The reason I decided to go ahead with French was because I thought it will be kewl learn a new language. And it will also probably help me find a job later on in EU. I am hoping that I will get good enough to write a post in French pretty soon (obviously with translation).

The other news is that I am also now learning to play the guitar. I brought myself an acoustic guitar this past weekend. (Photo will uploaded soon). This also removes one item from my wishlist. Now, I am an absolute newbie when it comes to playing the guitar, but I am learning. I have a couple of e-books to start with, though I dont know what would be better; to learn via an instructor or via books. The aim is to learn to play something by the end of April. Lets see how it goes..