Day 19/ 365 – Diwali

The festival of Diwali is upon us and on this auspicious occasion, I wish everyone a very Happy Diwali (although belated). A lot of people nowadays seem to be complaining how Diwali has become just a festival of noise and how much air pollution it causes etc. While I like to call these people enlightened, I feel that they are forgetting that they were once kids who would indulge in bursting crackers – creating noise and air pollution. They were once the same kids who would burst firecrackers late in the night and not let people sleep or get up at 4am in the morning and wake every one up with their Rassi Bombs. And believe me, they used to enjoy it a lot too. There was certain fun that was to be had, after all it is Diwali and you don’t get to light fireworks every day.  I was one of those kids who used to enjoy Diwali – burst crackers and all. I still do. While I don’t burst crackers any more, but I don’t feel others should give up their fun. I understand it is harmful for the environment and all, but at the same time it brings immense joy on the face of the child when he lights up the flower pots or when plays with the sparkles. I know I know a lot of you would be saying that it is not the children who burst bombs. But then, there is a child in everyone of us. May be for some adults, bursting crackers brings out the child in them. As it is our day to day lives are full of stress, may be bursting crackers with the loved ones will bring enjoyment in their stressed lives.

We have seen a reduction in the usage of noise producing firecrackers and pretty soon we would be moving towards a noiseless Diwali, which we would be equally enjoy. I think as a generation we are moving forward and it takes a some amount of time for the things to change. Until then for people who keep complaining about the noise, the air pollution and everything in between, I would just say – its Diwali, enjoy.

Happy Diwali

‘Thamasoma Jyothirgamaya’ (lead me from darkness to light). There is no room for Thamas (darkness) in the presence of Jyothi (light). The lamp of wisdom dispels the darkness of ignorance.

Let this Diwali bring the light of hope, wisdom and happiness to dispel the gloom around us. Wishing you all A Very Happy Diwali and A Prosperous New Year.