Day 68/ 365 – Plucking flowers at Sindhudurg fort

We, me and my wife, saw this flower while walking through the Sindhudurg fort. The flower was just out of our reach (even after we jumped to grab it). The flower was on a low hanging branch of a tree which was standing in the front yard of someone’s house. I wasn’t sure how we could get to that, so at first I decided to jump and see if I can reach it. Unfortunately, it was a bit higher and I was not able to reach it.┬áMy wife was so floored by the beauty that she wanted to have it at any cost. So she decided to climb on the yard wall and pulled down the branch for me to pick up the flowers. While the passer by’s gave us some weird and strange looks, the smile on my wife’s face after getting the flower was priceless.

IMG_7361 IMG_7363