Faith in humanity restored

I am regular follower of Reddit, even though the website contains posts mostly related to North America. While surfing Reddit today, I came across this story of a father of 4 children who inspite of working 2 minimum wage jobs is not able to meet his daily needs, has fallen behind on rent, electricity and water payments. He does not know how to explain to his children that they have no money to light a Christmas tree and they will have no water or light from next week onwards. As a last resort, this man posts about his dire situation in Reddit, not expecting help, but just to get things off his chest. The response from the Reddit community was tremendous, not only have people paid his water and power bill, they have also sent him plenty of toys and are taking him and his children to buy the tallest Christmas tree. It is because of stories like this, I keep following Reddit. As of right now, people have donated so much that he is actually helping others like him to have a happy christmas.

I am sharing the post from the man below:

“As I sit here writing this I am half tempted to stop. Why? I ask myself, what is this going to solve? But for some reason typing this and facing this makes it hurt less. I have four children ages 11, 7, and twin boys who are 3. This year has been absolutely miserable. After living with my girlfriends parents for years to get on our feet we did it at the beginning of this year.

I was promised a promotion at work which would bring in MUCH more money and we could live comfortably, however that did not happen. My brother was murdered in a Rite-Aid a few months ago, I suffered a broken leg and missed work for a month, and our bills fell behind and I fell into a deep depression.

I have been paying rent, but late every month. Often times not being paid until the 15th of the month. I hate having to sacrifice paying either the power or water bill, or just not getting gas in the car for the week. Christmas is now here, and my kids are asking me why we don’t have a Christmas tree? How am I supposed to tell them that we can’t afford one?

I have sold all of my stuff worth of any value to be able to pay some bills and I have nothing left. My power is due to be cut off on December 10 because of a $400.00 past due balance, my water is due to be cut off December 10th as well due to $120.00 past due. And of course all this comes full circle in December.

I just got off the phone with my landlord asking in a not so happy tone when the rest of Decembers rent would be paid. I feel like a complete and utter failure. It pains me to my core, and nothing hurts more than seeing my kids go without. I honestly don’t think I can bare to look into their eyes on Christmas morning, and what I will say.

Or what I will say on Monday when we have no power or water. I am working two minimum wage jobs, and their mother is working full time as well, yet we are barely scraping by and can’t get caught up because of the month with no income. If there was only a way to get caught up we would be ok. But playing catch up with past due balances in coming full circle.

I just wanted to vent, and perhaps cry a little, for the pain I feel for my kids. I hate myself that I could of not done better, or I could have a better job with more income. I am supposed to be a father and a provider and I can’t even do that. I am dreading Christmas morning, and wish I can just escape all of this.”

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