Day 34/ 365 – Batman vs. Ironman

The other day me and my colleague were discussing comic books and the discussion then led to super hero movies. I am a big fan of super hero movies. As mentioned in my previous post, I try and watch all super hero movies, first day first show. Anyways, the discussion led to two of my favorite super hero characters – Batman and Ironman and who is better. I am a big fan of both of these super characters. So I wasn’t sure who between the two would be actually better. They are quite a few similarities between them. They are both smart, nerds, rich but they are both human. They haven’t been bitten by any bugs or have been born on a different planet or have any super human capabilities. They are just humans who have developed special suits to help them achieve super human efforts. The key difference that I find in both these characters is that Batman is reluctant to reveal his identity and Ironman doesn’t mind the world knowing who he is. Batman as a character is introvert, but Ironman is extremely extrovert. Batman is also the world’s greatest detective, while Ironman is the world’s greatest Futurist. Batman also has physical strength, has been trained in martial arts, also has knowledge of different cultures and has experienced spirituality. Ironman is much more of a geek, good with building machines, physics, hacking into any system worldwide. I am wondering if both of them put their suits on and went head to head against each other, who would win? My guess is Batman, who do you think?


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