Yes, lately I have been living in fear whenever I sit in the car. I fear for my life and my colleague’s life. The reason for the fear is the accident I was involved in the last month. Ever since that day, I feel that the cab I am travelling in is going to be hit by something huge.. may be a bus or a truck. Every day when the car takes a U-turn at the intersection where we got hit last time, I make it a point to look to my left and see if there is anything huge coming my way. Everytime the cab driver takes off thinking he is driving the car in the video game, it makes me feel very very scared. I am not scared of heights, or water or fire or spiders. I am not claustrophobic and nor do I have any weird fears, except this. I usually dont think much about things like this. Even in this case, I initially shrugged it off. But now everytime I am on the road, I just feel I am going to get involved in some accident. I have also realised that when it comes to high speed driving I only trust 3 people, my bro, my cuz and myself. Anyways, I am hoping to get rid of this fear as soon as possible.. only time will tell.

5 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Akshay ur re-acting quite naturally to what happened the other day. Cos I never fear driving too but after one accident long time ago, I feared for months! I still drove but in fear. I lost that carefree approach to it that I had b4.But with time it got better and it will for u too. Atleast ur not completely off driving r ya?Keshi.

  2. Same is the case with me Akshay…we had an accident in Bangalore…n we were in a call taxi..that too a Maruti Van..Now, am petrified of cabs & maruti van’s…every time I am in one..I keep my eyes wide open & keep staring at the driver…& ask him to slow down & drive carefully…& most of the times the drives snap at miss & get pissed off…Your fear I guess is natural…will take time to go away..

  3. @Keshi, well I dont really drive.. I have a license but no car. And with the way traffic is in India, I would prefer not to drive at all. Here you could be killed on the road for no fault of yours. I bet driving in AU is a lot more easier. They say if you can drive in India, you can drive anywhere in the world.

  4. Hmm…nothing to do abt this..time will take it away. I had a couple of ‘bootiful’ experiences with rickshaws. After tht whenever the dude tries stunts tell him I dont want to die, kindly drive slowly.That does tend to work! 🙂Also thought u had a partner in crime for practice! 😛

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