Been Busy

Yup..thats what I have been upto. I have been spending a whole lot of my time in the office and just trying to catch up with all the days work. It is sort of hard when you have to go through everything all 4 of your team members touch and then deal with management issues in India and also the US. So far, I am enjoying the work, though by the time I get home I am just tired and dont feel like writing anything.

A lot has happened during the last few days. I, finally, have internet at my place. I cant believe i spent 3 weeks without internet, TV and radio. Obviously the weekends really sucked since I didnt have anything to do. Though last weekend, I did catch up with the movie Don. All I can say is “shahrukh khan sabko yeda banake peda khata hai” (shahrukh khan fools everyone and gets away with the prize). The movie was good so that was the only interesting thing I did last weekend.

Firday, we went to annual company party. The party was really nice. They had the dance floor and alright music. I danced to a couple of songs and had a good time. Also saw quite a few colleagues, getting all high and wasted.

Yesterday, my buddy and me went out to check an electronic exhibition in the city. I was hoping I would get to see some really cool gadgets and some nice computers. But the show turned out to be a damn squib. So after that, me and my buddy decided to go to Chandni Chowk. Oh.. in between we walked by the famous Eden Gardens. All I can say is the stadium from outside looked like it needed a lot of cleaning and repairing. I seriously wonder how the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) are maintained. We walked to Chandni Chowk and this place is full of computer accessories. You can probably get anything that you are looking for here. Also we were approached by a couple of men who were selling pirated CD’s and asked us if we were interesting in getting them. One of them even followed us for like 5 mins. We got a couple of things from there and then decided to go to Russell Street. The ice cream place over there is just awesome. We had our usual Black Forest Sundae and then decided to check out a bookstore called Crossword. This place was just awesome. I got myself just one book, Losing my Virginity, by Sir Richard Branson. I have been reading about him since quite sometime and I think I am very much influenced by him. So after we got the books, we decided to have Momo. Momo’s are basically tibetan dumplings and they taste awesome. To get more information on how to make them, please go here. Unfortunately they were out chicken momo, so we decided to just return back and try out the momo near our neighborhood. But sadly they were out of it also :(. So then we finally decided to grab some dinner and head home.

I think Fridays drinking and yesterdays ice cream have given me sore throat. Right now I can barely speak and forget about swallowing. I think I am going to go and get some medication for it and then SLEEP.

3 thoughts on “Been Busy

  1. **I seriously wonder how the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) are maintained. I’ve been there when I was in MEL last year. Its MASSIVE and its just AMAZING!Keshi.

  2. yeah u r busy busy all the time…so finally u have internet at home…Even we enjoyed DON……ohhhh didn’t know about your dancing capabilities….so what all did ya get from Chandni Chowk???Even we like momo’s…do visit Mainland China in Cal…Crosswords is a kewl place…do they Cha-Bar with it in cal??

  3. Baby, Chianti u shd get in 5 star hotel def. If u were in Mumbai, three places u cd get it are Olive, Indigo and Shah & Sons of course! 🙂Me had ruf day can b such a beetch sometimes

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