So much anger in the world…

As I go sifting through the newspaper, all I see is violence, bloodshed, crying parents, distraught wives and orphaned children. Everyday there is some killing or another. Somewhere there is a genocide being committed, somewhere there is a war being fought, somewhere there is a civil war going on, somewhere there is a jihad going on, and somewhere we have a psycho going nuts.. The end result is the same, innocent blood is being spilled everywhere. As I sit here and write this, I wonder why is there so much anger in our world? I wonder will we ever have peace? According to the historians, this is most peaceful the world has ever been, how is this ever possible I dont understand? May be the time before now was bloody as hell..perhaps life was cheap then and life is cheap now.

6 thoughts on “So much anger in the world…

  1. Life has become cheap oyeah Akshay. I wrote a similar post today. Im actually sick n tired of this world’s stupidity these days.Keshi.

  2. hmm, its sad to see all these we can start spreading peace just by having a peace with our inner self…once we are in peaceful state , we can make other so..atleast we can do a little change…

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