I have been very much depressed with the way things are turning up around me. It is more or less got to do with the current work environment that is around me. A lot of people are feeling that they have not been treated properly by their employers and thus do not seem to have that motivation to work. This is sort of created a very negative atmosphere in the team, which makes my life more difficult than before. Secondly, what has been bothering me is an office romance between two of my colleagues. I am a firm believer of the saying “one should not dip his pen in the company ink”. I just feel that if you are going to have an affair with a colleague, you might as well keep it under wraps. But here I have people busy chatting on their office IM’s or dialing each others extension numbers and chatting during office hours. This is what I hate about an office romance. It just becomes a distraction for everyone else.

I hope that the involved couple realizes this and takes this affair outside the office. Other than that, I have been suffering from a minor chest infection because of the cold. Been taking medication for that and feeling better than last week. Other than this.. I think I dont have anything much to share.

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