Given up on meat

I have turned vegetarian (eat eggs though) again. I don’t know for how long I am going to remain one, but hopefully for a long long time. The reason for this change is.. yesterday when I was returning home, I passed through a butcher’s shop and saw 2 goats tied outside. They were very quiet, not bleating or anything, perhaps sensing their end was near. The very thought of those two goats being killed just to satisfy my stomach was the turning point for me. So I am hoping to not eat any more animals. After all, even they have one life and I want them to live it to their fullest.

Now pay more to book your tickets

I just read that airlines are now levying charges to book the tickets via internet. This is being followed by low cost airlines like SpiceJet and Indigo. According to the news report, some of these low cost airlines are already charging for booking tickets via phone and now this. Already with increasing fuel prices, air travel is getting more and more expensive and these guys are making travel even more expensive by adding all these weird surcharges. I feel, people should just stop traveling for a day on such flights, may be then they will realize that the consumer cannot and should not be taken for such rides.