Wendesday, May 21st was not a good day for two of the teams that I support. Firstly, Mumbai Indians (MI) lost the game to Punjab Kings XI by 1 run. It was such a close game. I was expecting MI to go ahead and win the game easily when Sachin was still batting, but then everything went haywire and we ended up losing with the smallest of the margins. The feeling of defeat that evening had just sunk in when around 3am, my brother sends me a message saying that Chelsea lost to Manchester United 5-6 in penalties. This was not something which I wanted to hear first thing in the morning. I headed out to gym and started to watch the game, which was being replayed, while working out. I saw John Terry take the penalty and slip and the ball went wide. For that one moment, my hands were on my face and I was almost in tears, feeling the pain that JT felt on missing that penalty. I have never gotten emotional after watching any game, and I really dont know what happened when I saw that penalty. Sometimes luck plays such a huge role. Chelsea could have won the match, but they hit the bar like 2-3 times. Cristiano Ronaldo from Man U even missed his penalty shot, but Chelsea were not meant to be European Champions.. Luck.. Bad Luck to be honest.

Check out this article in honor of JT.

Bad Luck hi Kharab hai

The last couple of weeks in April and this month so far have been financially very bad for me. It seems like the Lords of Bad Luck have finally caught up with me. First, I forget my sunglasses in the office on a Friday, realize that on a Saturday, call the office guys to check if they are still on my desk and guess what?? Obviously they are not there.. someone took them.

Then on May 1st, I lost my N73 Music Edition. I was speaking on the phone with a friend when I saw an autorickshaw, with seating available in front. I got in the rick and hung up the phone and kept it in the pant pocket. I thought I had kept it properly, but guess what.. when I got down from the rick, I felt like I was missing something, and then realized the phone is gone. Either it fell down in the rick or on the road somewhere. I turned around to look for the rick, the rick was gone. I figured may be it has not fallen in the rick and decided to walk back the entire distance traveled checking on the road, in case I found the phone lying there. But it turned out, I could not find it. I reached my gym and immediately dialed my mobile number, and I got the message, “This number is currently unavailable.” So I assumed that some bugger has found the phone and removed the SIM. All this happened in the 20 mins, since I realized the phone was gone and I dialed the number.

And today someone stole my Adidas shoes from the Gym. I, along with other regular members, keep my shoes in a dedicated shoe rack. One of the fellow members also lost his shoes last week. I was in two minds on Friday, if I should leave the shoes in the shoe rack or take them with me. So when I went to the gym in the morning.. I got this nasty surprise, that my shoes have been stolen. I just wonder why would someone steal someone’s shoes. May be the robber has shoe festish or something, but still why would you steal someone else’s shoes. Now that I think of Friday, taking the shoes with me would have been the best option.

I believe in all I have lost stuff worth Rs. 18000 ($450 USD) in the last month or so. This has never happened to me and I have been staying alone since I was 18. According to mom, I should take more precaution in the next couple of months. May be Satan has finally caught up with me. All I can say is that Mera Bad Luck Kharab chal raha hai.

Bomb blasts in Jaipur

Another terrorist attack in India. This time the city targeted was Jaipur, the Pink City, in Rajasthan. The city, I believe has no past history of communal violence. It is very sad that 80 people died and countless other lives affected for absolutely no reason. Every year there is atleast one terrorist attack in India. I find it very surprising that inspite of such increased terrorist activity, the government is not able to do anything. This is a major problem and it requires a very different way of solving. I dont think the Intelligence Bureau or Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) in India are any good or do they have sufficient funding to fight something like this. I am also sure if confronted, they will come and show us statistics that we have prevented so and so attacks and will also tell us, we cant stop all attacks (which I agree too). What I am more worried about is the frequency of such attacks. 9/11/2001 was a major terrorist attack. It will be 7 years since that day this September and America has gone ahead and turned half the world against them, but still we don’t see terrorist attacks reported in that country. Some of the steps they have taken are pretty drastic, but I guess drastic problems require drastic solutions. I would just like to end this post by offering my condolences to the people and their families who lost their near and dear ones yesterday. May Peace be upon us, really soon.

The Dark Knight

I am eagerly awaiting for this batman sequel to release. It should be awesome. Christian Bale does justice to do the role of Bruce Wayne/ Batman. I especially like this voice.. kind of gruff and heavy. Also from the promos, the Joker is really awesome. Heath Ledger’s last movie and he looks terrifying and the scariest joker ever. Enjoy the trailer below.

Life in a Metro

So last evening, I decided to watch the movie, Life in a Metro. I kind of enjoyed the movie, but at the same time I could not relate to the life that the movie shows. The movie shows that almost everyone sleeps with someone else to get to somewhere else. The boss sleeps with his secretary so as to get some peace in his life. The secretary sleeps with the boss to get some additional perks. The bosses wife starts to like someone else but cant go ahead with it because she has a family and according to her lost it for one minute, while the guy really falls for her. Another guy lends his apartment to his bosses so that they can fuck at his place, instead of a hotel and at the same time this guy moves the corporate ladder pretty quickly. A girl gets duped by the guy so that he can hide from the world and family that he is gay and so forth and so on.

While watching the movie, I was like in which world does such things exist, since I didnt know any of my friends, colleagues etc indulge in such kind of behavior. I know some of the people who have sucked up to the boss like anything to get promoted. I have also heard rumors about married people have an extra-martial affair, but that is the extent of knowledge that I know or have. I would be very surprised if I found people who would actually go to such lengths as depicted in the movie. But then again such is life.. you never know who you can end up meeting.

Life at a Juncture

Everyone, sometime or the other, comes across a phase in life which could be called as the most defining moment of their life. I believe I am currently going through that phase. I have been working on a project since almost three years and now it is going to end at the end of this month. To be honest, I dont know what I am going to do next. So far in my life I have only been unemployed once, I started working part-time while in the University. The very thought of becoming unemployed in the next few days is terrifying me to no end. It has been stressful to say the least. My way of reacting things has changed, situations where I would usually be calm, I now get panicked or snap too soon. The options currently in front of me are few. I could either chose to seek employment here in India or go on a 6 month sabbatical and study for my MBA exams.

To be honest, I don’t think staying unemployed is going to be a very good idea since I do have to support my family, plus need to save enough to go to the grad school. At the same time, if I chose employment here, there is no way any of the companies will match my existing (soon to expire) offer. At the most, I could get is companies matching around 70% of current offer. The reason I don’t want to have a reduction in salary is because I have to manage some of investments I have and also to keep repaying the student loans etc. But the way it is right now, I don’t see any other option but to take a cut in salary and keep working.

The other option that I am working towards is giving my GMAT and apply to MBA schools. The only problem I have here is that I don’t believe I have saved enough to cover my tuition and living costs to wherever I apply. Also this would mean I cant work any more and thus have no way to support my family. This makes me realize that I should have planned for long term. If I had decided two-three years ago that when this project ends, I want to go for a MBA, I could have saved enough to attend any school I wanted. All this makes me feel like I am a big loser.

Sometimes I dont really like such instability in my life. I have worked very hard to get to where I am but at the same time I feel I am not good enough, especially when things like this come into the picture of life. At this point in life, I am just not sure where I should be heading next.