Terrorist Strike Mumbai Again

Update Almost 31 hours and the crisis are still not over. This is just frustrating.

I am very sad and angered after following the events on the TV for more than last 12 hours. Ever since the first sms I saw at 6:30am, until the time of writing this post.. the favorite part of my city has become a virtual war zone. The Taj hotel, The Trident, Leopold Cafe, CST are some of the places which are very close to me since I spent most of my college life in these areas. Just a couple of weeks back, I was sitting bang opposite Hilton towers and discussing life with a friend of mine.

I am really angered by the apathy shown by the government. Just a few months ago, when blasts were going off in every city, the government should have done something. Mumbai is a sitting duck for any dick, tom and harry to attack. Once again we will have the politicians come and go, give speeches, etc. But after a couple of days/ weeks nothing will have changed. People will be back to their normal lives and “Mumbai” spirit will be saluted. A friend had her away status “Mumbai is living a nightmare”, I would say “Mumbai is a living nightmare”.

My condolences to families who lost their loved ones today, My prayers are with the people who are still holed up as hostages.I hope you are rescued soon.

One thought on “Terrorist Strike Mumbai Again

  1. this is shocking n very scary 2. i dont know wht kind of security are being offered to the citizens of this country. sadabu

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