A hard place

Mumbai, as I have observed over the last 6 months, is a very difficult place for someone who is new to the city. The sheer pace of life, the number of people on the streets, the traffic etc.. can take a toll on anyone who is not used to such frenetic life. I encountered one such person today in the train. This boy was sitting on the 4th seat and was feeling uncomfortable, so he was moving his arms, head around and constantly irking his fellow passengers. He finally got up at Bandra to get down at Dadar. Once the station arrived, the crowd got empty and this fellow went to the other side of the door. After a few seconds, I heard a girl cry out a name. On hearing the name, the boy responded but it was too late for him to get down. By that time, the people had already started boarding the train. He tried to move against the crowd and get down.. but it was an impossible task. The train started moving… the shouts of the girl for that boy kept on increasing.. until the train moved out of the station. The boy, even though new in the city, kept his composure and asked where the next station would come. Unfortunately for him, he was in the fast train and thus he would have only got down at Mumbai Central. I didnt see him get down at that station. I hope he is ok and reunites with the people he left behind at Dadar station. In some ways this city is very cruel. May be in some other city, people might have made way for him to get down.. but not today, not in Mumbai where everyone is running to get somewhere.