80-20 rule

So after a very long time, I have decided to start writing again. I am going to use the 80-20 rule which is currently being used by a lot of people. Spend 80% of time doing what you have to do and remaining 20% of time doing what you want to do. There is a huge difference in doing what you have to do and what you want to do. I am just trying to do what I should have done a very long time. To resume writing.

I could have written this on my old blog, but I want to take this as a new beginning and see how things go from here. Lately, I have also started to read a lot of books. Reading and Writing were one of my passions as I gave them up in pursuit of something else. Always giving excuses that there is no time, and that I am very busy etc. I have realized that if you really want to do something, you will always find time for it. So I am determined this time to keep writing and reading and not give up on things which I want to do.

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