Bike updates

Lately, there has been some strange sound coming from the rear tire of the bike. I have to get the same checked and tested by the guys at Yamaha. Hopefully it is not a major problem. I think I am just fascinated with my bike. I know I have mentioned it earlier, but I simply just cant get over it. So far, I have traveled approx. 800-850kms on it over the last 10 days or so. Just letting it go on the empty highway gives me a high. I have already touched the speed of 97kmph, however the 100kmph mark still eludes me. The best part about the bike is its handling and braking. I have gone down from 95kmph to 0 kmph in less than 7 secs. It is also awesome riding through the traffic and cutting corners.

Even though I have traveled 800kms on it, I still think I am learning new things every day. I think driving in Mumbai traffic is the ultimate thing. Here the cars, ricks, buses, people and sometimes even animals can come out of nowhere in front of you and you have to brake really hard. Before, I used to wonder why do people in India honk so much. After riding for last 10-12 days, I know why. Here anything can happen any time. You think you are cruising and all of a sudden something comes out of nowhere and bam!! you have hit them. Just today, I was doing 90kmph on the highway and all of a sudden a rick comes all the way from the last lane to the first lane and still going left towards the shoulder and almost hitting me in the process. Somehow I averted the accident and continued on my way to work.

Nowadays, the random checking of the vehicles by the police has increased. Today was the first time I was asked to pull over on the side. I got down from the bike and the cop asked me for my driver and insurance papers along with the PUC. I gave him the same, he looked at it, verified it, noted my vehicle number. While he was checking my papers, another cop came along side me and asked me about my bike, its top speed and how much mileage did it give. He was impressed hearing that the bike can easily touch the speeds of 130kmph. Finally, after 10-15 mins I was on my way.

All my rides so far have been from home to office and back. Looking to go on a long distance trip.

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