Mother of all matches

So tomorrow’s game between India and Pakistan is being billed as the final before the final. It is not really surprising to see the hype which has been created around tomorrow’s game. It is after almost 2 years India and Pakistan are playing each other and that too in the World Cup semi-final. A lot of offices have already declared a holiday or half day tomorrow so that the employees can go home/ out to watch and enjoy the game. However, the same is not the case in my office. I am however, hoping to leave early tomorrow and atleast catch one half of the game.

It is after a very long time that a game of cricket is taking larger than life stage in this country. We usually have news about the scams, corrupt politicos, crime etc. For once cricket has taken a center stage and it is good to see that. However, I feel too much advice/ analysis is being done by the cricket pundits which is getting to boredom. I feel they are in fact raising the hopes of billion people and giving them a false sense of security that their country is going to win no matter what. Just imagine all these expectations and then the game turns out to be completely different, all the hopes, expectations turn into anger and media turns heroes into villains in a day. Cricket is a simple game and should be kept in the same manner. Within my heart, I know that I want India to win but at the same time it is just a game and should be kept that way.

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