Trip to Pune

Yesterday I traveled to Pune to attend a couple of meetings and was seriously thinking of doing the bike trip. However, I was advised by a couple of colleagues, to avoid the road trip as it could rain and thus chances of the bike skidding on the highway were high. Therefore, I decided to drop the bike trip plan and booked myself a train ticket to Pune. I then called my friends, S and N, who stay in Pune and informed that I will be coming in the morning and if we can meet up for breakfast. The train journey was pretty much uneventful. I reached Pune at 915am and met S and N and then headed towards Pune Club. One thing I noticed about Pune was the weather, it was nice and cool in the morning compared to Mumbai. Also not many shops are open at 10 am.

We had breakfast, which consisted of Misal Pav and Tea and discussed from bikes to my purpose of my visit to Pune. It was really nice to meet them and also give me mangoes that they had got from Ratnagiri. After meeting them, I had to attend my official meeting. Sometimes meetings can be eye openers. I got to know a lot of work related issues that the customer was facing (w/o being involved in any of it) and was happy to help them with some solutions to reduce their pain. It was a very fruitful meeting and hopeful the one coming up by the end of this week should bear some results.

My next meeting was in Bavdhan, which is at the opposite end of the city. I boarded a rick and after 45 mins of sitting in the rick and going around the city was dropped in a place which was about a 1km away from where I had to be. This place is on Mumbai-Bangalore highway and this was the first time I was actually walking on the highway in a different city. I finally got another rick and made it to the place of my meeting. The first thought that hit me once I reached there was, how do I get to Mumbai from this place. The meeting lasted a bit longer than I expected it to last, however, was given a drop by the people whom I had just met. They dropped me at the bus stop from where I could get the bus to Mumbai. After waiting for 20 mins or so, I boarded a bus to Mumbai. In the bus, I watched my first ever Marathi movie. I didnt take down the name of the movie, but it was about a villager who takes advantage of 2 fighting politicians and gets a seat for his constituency. The movie is full of witty dialogues, though some of it I couldnt understand. It is a shame that even after living in this city for more than 20 years, I dont understand the local language, Marathi, properly.

It took me almost 4.5 hours to get home from Pune, out of which 2.5 hours were spent in Mumbai itself. This is probably one of the reasons why I prefer the maddening rush of the crowd in the trains as compared to the ride in polluted streets. The time saved while traveling in the train is precious and also results in a stress free journey. So I finally reached home at around 11:15pm in the evening, dead tired. It was an eventful journey and hopefully the meetings would result in a favorable response for my organization.

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