Vodafone sucks!!!

I recently received my Vodafone bill for the month and was shocked at looking the monthly charges which were higher than the usage charges. I recently converted myself to a Blackberry user and have a Blackberry plan from Vodafone. Previously I used to have Vodafone Mobile Connect wherein I used to pay Rs. 250 every month for the same. Now once I moved to Blackberry, the VMC plan became defunct and it was not automatically removed from my plan. It is common knowledge, which even Vodafone acknowledges, that VMC and Blackberry plans dont go hand in hand. However, for that month I was charged with VMC plan charge and Blackberry plan. I called up the customer care center and asked them to deactivate the VMC, which they promptly did and was assured that in this month’s bill the same would not be added. However, to my surprise the same was added in the bill. I immediately called up the Customer Service and asked them about this. The rep said the same cant be reversed as I have chosen to deactivate the plan after the cycle has started. On top it, the customer rep was raising his voice the entire time he was speaking with me. I remained calm and asked him to arrange a call back with his superiors as he was of no help to me. This is one way to rip customers off as most people dont care as to when they deactivate/ activate the plan. Ideally the same should be on a pro-rata basis, from the date on which they choose to activate/ deactivate the plan, but Vodafone chooses to make extra money by charging the amount for the entire month, which is like stealing in broad daylight. I am seriously thinking of filing a complain in the consumer court. I know the amount is trivial but it is more to do with the what is right.

2 thoughts on “Vodafone sucks!!!

  1. HAHA.. VODAFONE SUCKS TO THE CORE!!! you want to know how much exactly it SUCKS?? go to the customer ”CARE” stores.. you will really experience how fucking happy they are to help!!!

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