Encounter with traffic police

Last Saturday while I was at my MBA classes, I had parked my bike outside the college gate as there was no parking allowed in the college premises due to some construction work. I have been attending the classes since last 3 weeks before this past Saturday and during the 1st week itself I had asked the security guard whether it is safe to park outside the gate and he said there shouldn’t be any problem. So as usual, last Saturday I parked outside my college gates at my designated spot. My friend also parked outside the gate but on the right side of the gate, while I was parked on the left.

So our lectures are going on and all of the sudden the professor gets a call from the college admin authorities saying that the police towing vehicle is here and they are towing vehicles parked outside the gate. As soon as we got to know this, we all ran down to the gate to check on our bikes, cars etc. In the mean time it had started to rain heavily. I came outside the gate and saw that my bike was parked where I had left it and it wasn’t towed, while my friend was not so lucky and his new Royal Enfield got towed away. We asked the security guard where they had taken my friends bike and he said that they have just left like 5 mins back and we should be able to see them on the main road. Since my bike was still there, we decided to give chase to the towing vehicle. By this time, it was pouring cats and dogs and we were totally drenched. After riding the bike in the direction pointed by the security guard, we saw the towing vehicle on the road. We chased the vehicle, overtook it and parked it right in front of the towing truck.

With the rain pouring very heavily, the traffic was already very slow moving and with me parking right in front of the towing truck and not allowing it go any further, traffic started piling on the road. While I waited on the bike, my friend went to negotiate with the traffic cop and requested him to hand over the bike to us. At first he refused and asked us to come to the police station and take the bike from there. But my friend not relenting and the vehicles honking from behind probably made him change his mind. He asked us to move a little ahead so he could park on the side and give us the bike. After parking the towing truck on the side, we were asked to pay a fine – which we duly paid and he handed over the bike to us.  We took the bike and brought it back to the college.

The scenes at the college was chaotic at the best. There were many students and professors who had got their vehicles and were scrambling to find a parking spot and wanted to park in the college premises. Some of them even went and met the principle of the institution, but she didn’t give the permission to park the vehicles in the college campus.  In the meanwhile, another towing truck passed by and we stopped the truck and asked the traffic inspector to tell us where do we park. He told us simply to look at the parking board. He said you were parked in the no parking zone and hence your vehicles got towed away. He asked us to park on the opposite side of the road where we could park without having to worry about our vehicles getting towed away.

We parked on the opposite side of the road, but kept checking our bikes every 2 hours just to ensure that it is still there and not towed away. Least to say it was a very interesting Saturday.


Parking on the road

Everyday while I returning from work, I pass through a 2 lane road. The best part of the road is it is entirely covered with trees. However, the sad part is cars are parked on both sides of the lane reducing the 2 lane road into 1 lane. Thus forcing vehicles traveling from both the directions to use the same lane. I am not sure if any accidents have occurred on that road but am pretty sure an accident is waiting to happen on that road esp. at night where people think of their vehicles are ferrari and drive fast.

The cause of this problem is with incomes rising faster, a lot of people have multiple cars in their households, however just one parking slot resulting in the cars being parked outside on the road. The other rule which most societies follow nowadays is visitors parking is not allowed in the society compound. This also results in people parking their vehicles on the road during the day time or in the evening during the weekends.

I think the traffic police should enforce the towing rules strictly. Currently there is hardly any impact of the vehicles being impounded. Also BMC should pass a rule which overrules the society rules and allows visitors parking in the society. This should be esp. applicable for the buildings which are on the main road. The last idea is a bit radical, the government should put restrictions on buying the 2nd car i.e if there is already a car in the household, the 2nd car should be taxed much higher. This will ensure that people think twice before buying a 2nd car. This will also help the environment as there would be less pollution, making this city a better place to live.