Countdown to trek

Next month me, my wife (hopefully) and my friend Saurav, will embarking a trek from Manali to Baralach la via Chandrataal lake. This trek will require us to walk for approx. 100 kms for 6 days to reach Baralach La after which we would be taking the local transport and reach Leh. We would be joined by our other friends in Leh and we would then be doing local sight seeing over there. I have been wanting to go to Leh and this trek is going to be once in a life time event for me. We would be reaching Manali a couple of days early to get ourselves accustomed to the higher altitude. Then preparation for the trek has already begun and most of the equipment is already in place. The best part about the entire trip is going to be walking through the valley with mountains on both the sides. Since we are not going to be a part of any trekking group, it is going to give us plenty of time to reflect on a lot of things. I am hoping that the journey would not only make us physically and mentally stronger but also enrich us spiritually.

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