Day 91/ 365 – Riding Bullet Classic 350

I finally had an opportunity to ride the Bullet Classic 350 to work today. My brother recently got himself a Bullet motorcycle and since then I have been itching to ride the beast. The Classic Bullet is famous for its “thump” and with my brother modifying the silencers within 2 weeks of delivery, it certainly lived up to the name. Since the bike was new, I was asked not to ride at more than 60 kmph. I have been riding the Yamaha R15 since the last 3+ years and difference between the 150 cc bike and a 350 cc bike was instantly obvious. The power of the bike while climbing the slopes was clearly awesome and there were no signs of any drag. While there is no drag observed in R15 also, but the entire ride feeling was completely different. I knew there was enough power in the bike without me pushing it to the limits. Also the new Bullet seats are very comfortable as compared with R15. The feeling of riding the cruiser as compared to riding the sports bike was also completely different. Normally I would feel very hesitant riding the R15 at 60 kmph, because that bike deserves to be driven at faster speeds. But here I was very comfortable riding at 60 kmph or less.   The entire ride was extremely pleasurable and unhurried. Also initially, I was a little worried about being able to adjust from a sports bike to cruiser with wider handles, however, it turned out to be much easier and extremely comfortable for the back while riding the bike. I rode for about 22 kms in the afternoon and now will be riding back an equal distance in the middle of the night. It would be just me, the road and the famous Bullet thump!!! Looking forward to it.


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