Rant on HDFC Bank

I am sitting here at HDFC BANK which happens to be one of the best banks in India to work with. I am here because I need a loan account statement, something which HDFC doesn’t offer online. I am not sure why they would not offer such a basic service on net banking to the customer. At the same time, they only have 3 retail loan branches in Mumbai and that means it is always crowded and results in long wait time for everyone. I have already wasted 20 mins just waiting for my number to be called, all for a statement which they wouldn’t provide on online banking.

The other option is to use phone banking and place a request and they would take 7 working days to send the letter. Talk about some efficiency of work. I believe that a lot of the services which they are currently offering can also be offered online and this would result in considerable saving of time for the consumer and at the same time will reduce some manpower costs for the bank.