Horrible experience at Vodafone gallery

Today I had been to Vodafone Gallery in Kandivali to get my mobile number transferred from Corporate plan to Individual plan. I reached there around noon, was given a token and then asked to wait until they announced mu number. While I was waiting for my number, I observed them calling numbers in sequential order and all,of a sudden they announced a couple of numbers randomly. So I went and asked them why are we calling numbers randomly and they said these numbers have been allocated to senior citizens. There was a senior citizen standing next to me and he said how come my number hasn’t been called. So the store manager (Kunal) says you didn’t ask for it. I was very surprised with this response as the man was clearly a senior citizen. However, the store manager arranged for his number to be called out next.

Finally, my number was called out and I was assigned a customer service executive called Devika. I told her I need to transfer my number and told her I have all the required documents. I was told that I can no longer use the existing plan and would have to choose a new plan. I was given a list of all the plans and I chose a plan which I wanted. After selecting the plan, she goes and speaks with someone and then says that the plan is no longer available. I was surprised with the same and I asked why is it on your list of plans? She didn’t say much but said that they are no longer offering that plan. She then offered me a plan with basic rental of Rs. 129. After explaining the plan details, I agreed to the plan and asked her to go,ahead and confirm the same. She goes to her superior and then comes back says that she was confused and this plan is also not available. So I asked her patiently, give me a plan which is available. We finally agreed on a lan with a monthly rental of Rs. 99/ month. I was also given an option of adding 2 numbers for a fixed monthly rental of Rs. 98/ month. I agree to the same. While signing the form, I see an offer to add 3 numbers in a group and calls to those numbers was free and only for Rs. 49/ month. I told her that this add on makes more sense and it is less expensive than the earlier add on of Rs. 98/ month. After finalizing everything, she takes the form to her superior for a final check and then comes back and says, I need to pay Rs. 15/ month for a promotion.

On hearing this, I simply lost my cool. At that point, another executive named, Chandan, came,over and started explaining why the additional promotional fee. I told him I am no longer interested in getting the number changed and told him the entire experience has been bad for me. I have been with Vodafone since 2006 and this is the worst experience that I have ever had. After all this, they decide to waive off the promotional fee and we agreed on the plan. The entire experience was completely bad. I spent approx. 2 hours just to get a new sim card.

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