Day 3/365 – Bike troubles continue

You can refer to my earlier post for more details. I picked up the bike next day from the Yamaha Service Center and they told me that it was a battery issue. They have charged the battery, but if it happens again I would have to change the battery and or change the ignition coil. I assumed that the problem was resolved and decided to take the bike to work. The distance from my home to my office is approx. 45 kms (total). There seemed to be no issues while riding to work, and I was happy that the issue was resolved. I felt my faith in the Yamaha Service Center guys was restored. I think I was optimistic too soon. While returning home, I saw the “orange” engine warning light once again and this time I knew the problem was much worse. I immediately lowered my bike speed and turned off the headlights once there were sufficient street lights. I wanted to stop the bike in between and let the “light” turn off on its own, but was afraid that the bike may stall and may not move forward and I was in mood to drag the bike at 4am in the morning to home. So I decided to keep riding and slowing I saw the light in the odometer dimming, and the horn sounding weirder by the minute. At this point, I was atleast 5-6 kms away from home and was now really in panic mode. On one hand I knew what the issue was, but on the other hand there wasn’t anything I could do about it and didn’t really want to stop anywhere. After riding in such state, I finally reached the building where I stay. Since the gates were closed, I parked the bike outside and went to open the gates. On returning, I tried starting the bike.. and guess what.. It didn’t start. I tried starting 4-5 times, it made a strange sound for the first couple of tries and then there was no sound at all. The battery had finally given up. But it ensured I reached home (my heroic battery..hahah).

The next morning I decided to turn on the bike once again hoping in vain that there would be some juice in the battery and the bike would come to life. Alas.. no such miracle happened and I had to drag my bike to the local mechanic’s place. I told him what the issue was and he suggested that I either charge the battery or get a new battery. I told him that the battery was charged just yesterday and today this happened. I told him I wasn’t sure if I trusted the Yamaha guys to do a proper job and asked him to charge the battery again. In case if it fails again, I would have no option but to get a new battery. Tomorrow is going to be D-day for testing the battery. I am hoping I don’t have to change the battery right now, but then only tomorrow will tell.


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