Day 59/ 365 – Peacocks at Chincholi Morachi

Last Sunday, we visited a village called Chincholi Morachi. The village is approx. 50 kms away from Pune on Ahmednagar highway. Chincholi means Tamarind trees and Morachi means peacock, thus translating name of the village as Village of Tamarind trees and Peacocks. The drive to the village is very pleasant with rolling hills on the side.  I had been here earlier along with Saurav Roy in December last year. As soon as we reached the village, we spotted a peacock  but before I could take a picture,  the peacock ran away. We then parked ahead on the side of the road and then entered the fields to observe some peacocks. We also ran into a local villager who told us how he feeds the peacocks on the daily basis and they are running away because we are strangers. By this time, we had already spent like 45 mins there. The villager asked us to stay back for some more time and the peacocks would come. However, we decided to make a move and head back to Pune. Overall, we had a good trip.

IMG_6730 IMG_6731 IMG_6737 IMG_6745 IMG_6749

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