Mauka Mauka

I have been wanting to post this post, since the time I have seen the first advertisement on TV. This is probably one of the best ads that have or will come this year and I am sure it is going to win a lot of awards. The ICC Cricket World Cup is on and the first advertisement (in a series of advertisements) was based on the rivalry between India and Pakistan (Pakistan has never beaten India in any of the world cup matches).  The ads have proved extremely popular with a lot of spoofs appearing on Youtube. Below are the ads which have been released so far. Unfortunately, I do not have an English version or translation available for the below videos.

1. First ad (India vs. Pakistan)

2. Second ad (South Africa vs. India) – India has never beaten South Africa in any of the world cup matches, before this match.

3. Third ad (India vs. UAE) after India wins against South Africa

4. Fourth Ad (India vs. West Indies) after India beats UAE

5. Fifth Ad (India vs. Ireland) after India beats West Indies and the assumption is Pakistan will lose to South Africa

6. Sixth Ad – after Pakistan beats South Africa which almost qualifies Pakistan for Quarter Finals

7. Seventh ad – Pakistan vs. Ireland (a must win game for Ireland to qualify for Quarter Finals)

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