Reflections – 2015

This post should have come a little earlier; but then it is only week 1 in 2016 and not too late to do a little reflection for 2015. 2015 was an awesome year for me personally and professionally. Below are some of the moments which made it really awesome for me.

  1. My wife survived 5 years with me.
  2. Completed an impromptu Hampta pass trek with Saurav. You can read all the details in my previous posts.
  3. Moved with my wife in our apartment. After struggling to find a place which we both liked, we were finally able to finalize a place in 2014 and made the move in 2015.
  4. Visited New York city and had Chipotle after 9 years. Too damn filling. Also met my friends after a very long time.
  5. Got promoted… Hooray!!!
  6. 9 days, drove 2137 kms, places covered – Nathdwara, Mount Abu, Ambaji Temple, Patan, Bahucharaji Mandir, Ahmedabad and flying visit to Anand..- an awesome road trip with the family
  7. Traveled a lot this – Goa, Jawhar, Malshej Ghat, Somnath, Virpur, Pune, NYC, San Mateo etc. as per FB – covered 13 cities (i think it is a lot more than that)
  8. My colleagues getting me Ben & Jerry (after 2 years of persistence :P)
  9. Did a bike ride with a Royal Enfield group and had a good time with them.
  10. Ended the year by riding my Thunderbird 350 to Pune.

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