A ¬†conversation to remember

Yesterday while returning home I decided to visit the Apple Store at the Westfield mall at World Trade Center in New York as I wanted to check out the Apple Watch. I had my headset on when I was browsing through the different Apple Watcheswhen this Apple care guy came next to me. He wrote on his iPhone note app that I can reach out to him if I needed any help and I told him I am okay with a thumbs up sign. After a few seconds I remembered this advertisement which I had seen on Facebook regarding an ongoing offer on Apple products. So I turned around and started speaking with the Apple Care guy about the offer. At that time he indicated through sign language that he can’t speak. I am not sure if he was deaf. For a moment, though I was taken aback and realised my mistake of assuming that the guy was typing on the Note App because I had my headphones on. After realising my mistake, I typed on the phone and asked him what I wanted to ask and he responded accordingly and to my satisfaction. The best part was he was smiling all the time while we were having this “conversation”. Along with me, he was also helping a couple of other folks at the same time and appeared to be enjoying his job. 

I was wondering when such opportunities will be available for differently abled people in India. I could be wrong but I haven’t seen any differently abled folks working in any major retail stores in Mumbai. I know there are certain organisations are working really hard for the inclusion of differently abled folks but we as people need to be more accepting and have open minds about differently abled folks and their ability to do things. At the same time, I really feel like saluting Apple Inc. for giving opportunity to such talented people. May be there is a lesson for India Inc. somewhere in there.