Is honesty still the best policy?

I remember when I was a small kid, not that I have grown up now, my parents taught me that honesty is the best policy. When I started going to school my teachers also emphasized that honesty is the best policy. But now when I see the world around me and look at all the things that are happening, it makes me wonder if honesty is still the best policy. I remember everytime I have done a mistake and been honest about it, everytime I have suffered. I used to like a girl when I was in the college and we were very good friends, but my problem was I used to like her. So instead of trying to cover it up or do something more sillier, I went ahead and told her how I felt. The result.. we were no longer friends, forget about she being my girlfriend. I have heard and read about people who have lost their jobs, lives just because they had the guts to be honest. Everyone is afraid to say the truth. Anyone who stands for justice and honesty are either bribed off or killed. Human lives and values are not important anymore. I guess the world we live in has no place for honesty.