Day 61/ 365 – Retrospective for 2013

Wow.. 2013 is almost about to be over. Cant believe time has flown by so quickly this year. Personally this year has been very satisfying for me. Though I didn’t really set out with a to do list for the year, did manage to do some of the things which I wanted to do. Here are my top 10 things for 2013

  1. Trekked for 2 days in Himalayas – this was one of the best trips ever for me. I am never going to forget the time I spent in the mountains.
  2. Visited Leh – Ok – this was in continuation of the trek – but if there is one place which anyone should ever visit is Leh. It is just beautiful.
  3. Brought my first car – Always wanted to get a car and was finally able to get one. Really happy for that
  4. Donated blood for the first time – Had never donated blood ever in my life. Thanks to Saurav Roy’s persistence, was able to donate blood and felt proud about the good deed done.
  5. Clicked a lot of pictures – Captured a lot of pictures this year and learnt quite a bit of photography and thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures – birds, landscapes, covered an engagement and a  wedding.
  6. Ran Vasai Virar Marathon – this is something which I am not too proud about – finishing a half marathon in 3 hrs and 17 mins without much/ any practice.
  7. Scuba Diving/ Snorkeling – Ok.. this hasn’t been done yet, but will be done in the next couple of days. Saurav Roy, this better be good else I will have to take this off my list of achievements.
  8. Started Project 365 – Started writing again. I know I am running late by approx. 10 days  but what the heck, I am enjoying writing down my thoughts and sharing some of my photography work with everyone.
  9. Completed my Executive MBA – Ok. This is also not yet done. But would be completed on Saturday. After almost 18 months done with it. Finally Saturday’s would be mine, mine and only mine.
  10. Discovered a passion for traveling – covered so many places this year – Indore, Manali, Ladakh, Nathdwara, Pune, Nasik, Bangalore, Chincholi Morachi, Tarkarli (will happen in the next couple of days) etc.

The next year will bring about its own share of adventures. Looking forward to them eagerly.


Day 35/ 365 – Just travel

Since change of jobs a couple of months ago, I have been following the US holiday calendar. As many of you would be aware this is the Thanksgiving week and hence I have Thursday and Friday off. Taking advantage of the extra long weekend, I am hoping to go away for the weekend. Earlier in the day, I was discussing with my mom that I wish I could leave everything and just travel the world. That would be such an awesome thing to do. Sure traveling the world requires a lot of money and there are people who save quite a bit of money before they start traveling. Earning money while traveling to different places in the world would be such a thing. I really enjoy traveling, exploring new places, new people, local culture and cuisines (vegetarian – of course). It just thrills me to imagine that one day I would be traveling to the Pyramids, enjoying the boat ride over the Nile river, and the next day exploring the romantic city of Paris. That would be one of the best things in life to do – just travel. There are so many places to explore and so little time. A career in travel industry would have been awesome. While we (me and Saurav) were trekking through the Hampta Pass, the thought did strike us. The valley was so beautiful and everything about nature was just so nice, colorful and open compared to our desk jobs. We wanted to set up shop in Manali and offer trekking tours to people. May be we will do that, maybe we wont. Unfortunately, at this stage of my life, I am not sure if I would be able to switch careers. However, I do want to travel the world. May be after I have earned enough, I would probably call it a day and just set about exploring the world. In the mean time, I guess I will make do with being a project manager and enjoying vacations once in a year.

DSC00180 DSC00213 DSC00259 IMG_3303 IMG_3627Image courtesy Saurav Roy

Trek update #2

It is almost time for me to embark upon this grand adventure. Tomorrow around this time, I would be traveling in the train, heading towards my destination – from where I would be beginning the journey. It is such an irony – to reach a destination to commence a journey. The bags are all packed and I am just eager to begin. At the same time, I am nervous, tensed and equally excited as I have never done anything like this every before. I don’t expect this to be an easy journey, but as they say no gain without pain. The route that I am trekking on is below. As mentioned in my earlier post, I along with Saurav, Kaushik and Lee would be doing the Hampta Pass trek and also do the Chandrataal Lake trek.

In the next 15-20 days, I will try and update the blog as and when possible.  However since there is no network, the thoughts will be captured in a diary and shared later.

Full Trek route

Chandratal Lake trek route
Chandratal Lake trek route
Altitudes we would be covering