Trek update #2

It is almost time for me to embark upon this grand adventure. Tomorrow around this time, I would be traveling in the train, heading towards my destination – from where I would be beginning the journey. It is such an irony – to reach a destination to commence a journey. The bags are all packed and I am just eager to begin. At the same time, I am nervous, tensed and equally excited as I have never done anything like this every before. I don’t expect this to be an easy journey, but as they say no gain without pain. The route that I am trekking on is below. As mentioned in my earlier post, I along with Saurav, Kaushik and Lee would be doing the Hampta Pass trek and also do the Chandrataal Lake trek.

In the next 15-20 days, I will try and update the blog as and when possible.  However since there is no network, the thoughts will be captured in a diary and shared later.

Full Trek route

Chandratal Lake trek route
Chandratal Lake trek route
Altitudes we would be covering

3 thoughts on “Trek update #2

  1. hey akshay, my husband and son along with his friend are trekking towards chandratal lake as i write…they left at 6 in morning from kaza khas..they plan to put up a tent as close to lake as possible.. i hope things are favorable there for night camping…I wish u all the best for your journey…

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