Cricket–funny crowd calls

I found this funny report on Mid-day about Mumbai crowds and chants they made during the game.

The crowd at the Wankhede for the third Test between India and England, has surely been one of the most vocal ones in recent times.

Sample a few of their comments. When Yuvraj Singh dropped yet another catch, “Ek do, ek do, Yuvraj ko phek do,” they chanted. When umpire Simon Taufell gave a decision against India, they said “Simon, go back.”

When Matthew Hoggard was bowling a good spell they came up with, “Who let the Hog out?” When Harbhajan Singh was bowling a good spell, it was “Jo bole so nihaal, sat sri akal.” And the cream of them all, was when India skipper Rahul Dravid spoke at the presentation ceremony, “We want Sourav!”, they said.

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