Beer bath??

I was very surprised when I read something like this is being offered by a brewery in Czech Republic. So I looked it up and volla its true!! Not that I am ever going to get try it soon, but none the less I now know that you can wash away your troubles with beer. The detailed “beer bath” process is described below.

What are Real Beer Baths?

An original curative spa therapy connecting a soothing hot bath, the spring of healing mineral water IL-SANO, the unique dark Bathing Beer and rejuvenating effects of beer yeast with a mixture of hops and dehydrated curative herbs.
The aim of the baths

The aim of the baths is harmonizing functions of the organism, mental rest, recondition and relaxation. Effective repose of the body, soothing muscles, warming joints, healing complexion and hair cure. The procedure detectably improves the body immunity.


The real beer baths are taken in a rehabilitation tub and have the temperature of 34 degrees. They consist of water and mineral water IL-SANO in the proportion of 1 to1. The major bath ingredient is dark Bathing Beer which is produced in a traditional way based on the copyright original method and made by the main brewer of the family brewery Chodovar only. When entering the baths, the level is covered by characteristic beer foam of caramel colour and the area is scented by the fragrance of freshly brewed dark beer.

The client is immersed into the baths which is enriched by a batch of active beer yeast and a mixture of dehydrated crushed herbs. The agreeable temperature of the water causes mild and gradual rise of the heart activity and activation of blood circulation in all the vascular system. The bath warms the cuticle and releases skin pores through which, due to moderate sweating, unhealthy substances are scoured away from the subcutis. The mix of crushed herbs functions as purifying peeling. The beer yeast provides the skin with a wide range of vitamins B, proteins and saccharides and contributes to overall softening and regeneration of the cuticle. Carbonized bubbles contained in the mineral water IL-SANO remain on the skin, calm down the warmed up body surface and enable effective relaxation in mild sparkling baths. To increase the outcome of the bath and enhance the relaxation experience, the guests are recommended a glass of unique non-pasteurised Rock Lager including active yeast culture which positively work on all the digestive system. The length of the stay in the bath is 20 minutes.


After that, the client is reposed on a bed in the relaxation area and covered in a sheet and a fleece quilt. With dimmed light and pleasant music, the organism starts soothing. The warmed up body finishes the sweating phase, the heart activity slows down, the blood pressure slowly decreases, the muscles get released and the body energy is renewed. The purified and rejuvenated skin receives healthy and effective substances, which have remained on the cuticle and are gradually absorbed through the pores into the subcutis. The physical and mental rest enables the relaxed body and mind to release a stream of positive thoughts and energy. The time of the rest after the bath is at least 25 minutes.


As the muscles and joints are optimally warmed up after the bath, for accomplishing the real rejuvenating process we recommend a partial massage aimed at problematic body parts, or a complete massage releasing muscle tension.

The Real Beer Baths – the way to refresh the power of body and mind!

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