Update after a long time

Once again I am extremely sorry for not being able to update the blog for quite a long time. I try and be regular but it is just that I have been very much caught up with work that I dont really get a chance to update. Anyways…

Here is the update.. Diwali with folks was awesome. Though, I wished my Dad didnt have to go abroad a few days before that. I had fun doing the puja, incidentally this was my first time. It was good to have some quiet time with the family though. I also got a chance to catch up with some old friends and also got to eat lots of good food. So all in all a very happy diwali.

I returned to Kolkata on the 24th and the first thing I did was signed the apartment lease papers and got myself a place to stay. The rest of the week was spent in cleaning and buying things for my new place. So now I have a apartment of my own and hopefully I will turn that into some kind of party paradise. There are though plenty of things that I need in my apartment right now, like it needs a music system, a TV and may be a XBOX 360 and last but not the least it needs broadband internet connection (which I will be getting this weekend HOPEFULLY). Ohh OH!! I forgot a nice couch for myself.

On the work front I am learning new things everyday and it feels really good. My team is ready to take on the project and I am feeling pretty confident that I will be able to deliver what has been asked of me.

Other than that.. India lost once again to Australia.. it seems like we can never win against them and got ourself booted out. Ok.. lastly, I hope I can update more frequently, until the next post adios.

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