Slow Network

I have never seen the company network behave so slowly, like the one I am seeing today. I must have lost connection to the server a zillion times and everytime I lose connection I have to enter my username and password. So if quantify the amount of time I spent between analyzing a problem and entering username and passwords, the latter wins hands down. I cant understand how can a company function with such low internet bandwidth. Also the other thing that annoys me is proxies. I just hate that part. It is everything has to be filtered and checking personal mail is considered a waste of time, which again I dont like it. I sincerely request the company network guys or whoever designs the network policies. PLease ban all the pron, but whats the harm in checking mails. After all we are humans and we are not supposed to be working for 9/10 hrs straight. That might be a perfect solution in an ideal world, but unfortunately this is not. When I see workplaces like Google/MS etc. THey dont have such thngs and still their employees are productive. I believe I didnt encounter proxies when I was at the client site also and amazingly my productivity wasnt hampered one bit. Or may be such blocking etc is for Indian companies only. Even then it does not make sense. I think I am just ranting here and I should head back to entering username and passwords, so I can, maybe/hopefully, finish something.