Parody I wrote

This is parody of a very popular Hindi song.. I wrote this sometime last year.

ye kyaa huaa, kaise huaa, kab huaa
kyo huaa, jab huaa, tab huaa
chhodo, ye naa poocho

hum kyo, shikawaa kare zoothhaa
kyaa huaa jo ek ek baal tootaa
pantene pro V ka kamaal tha
kuchh naa kuchh to honaa thaa, huaa

ye kyaa huaa, kaise huaa, kab huaa
kyo huaa, jab huaa, tab huaa
chhodo, ye naa poocho

humane dekhaa thaa, sunaa thaa,
par shampoo hume nahi chhodna tha,
baalo ka sacha saathi tha
par ganja to honaa thaa, huaa

ye kyaa huaa, kaise huaa, kab huaa
kyo huaa, jab huaa, tab huaa
chhodo, ye naa poocho

aye ujhde chaman, chal kangi leke ghoome,
inhee galiyon mein jhoome
yahaa baalon ko khonaa thaa
ganja mujhe honaa thaa, huaa

ye kyaa huaa, kaise huaa, kab huaa
kyo huaa, jab huaa, tab huaa
chhodo, ye naa poocho

Who are we living for?

I have thinking on these lines since last few days now and the more I think the more weird I start feeling about this entire thing. The reason I have started to think this is because of few things that have occured to people whom I know. I will just mention about them in brief here.. but this is how all the thinking started..

A friend of mine used to date this girl in college. It didnt last too long and they decided to call it quits after sometime. After the seperation the girl could not handle the break up well and was seriously sad for quite sometime. Now after 2-3 years later they run across each other and somehow things spark between them and they fall in love again. Now comes the interesting part. The girl’s parents had been pushing her for marriage and she had been reluctant so far about it and now she had added incentive to not get married since she was now in a relationship. So when her family confronts her about the marriage and stuff.. she lets them know about this guy. And then all hell breaks loose. Her parents dont like the guy and she says NO to him. Somehow this time my friend was very much distraught.. cause I think he was really in love with her. But then this leads me to the next question.. who is the girl living for? Herself or her family. She told him she would not be happy with anyone else.. but then she said a NO. I know it would have been tough for her..but then again it ended up heart breaking for both of them.

The other incident happened just a couple of days back. A friend of mine was feeling depressed since last couple of weeks and so yesterday I confronted her. What she told me was shocking.. she recently went threw abortion because her family and her husbands family didnt want to have a child. And I was very much surprised and shocked. I am pretty sure.. that she didnt want to do this.. but then again the circumstances were such that she had to do it. Again it got me thinking.. who is she living for?? Herself or her family. I am probably wrong in thinking this way about this scenario.

People take up jobs in which they have no interest.. their interest is in something all together different.. but yet they do something which does not make them happy. I guess many of them just dont have any options and may be sometimes they dont look for any options. I firmly believe that a person should have a right to live his own life according to his own terms and conditions. But then thats just me.. and I am crazy according to some people and weird according to some. Oh well I am going to end this post here since I have a meeting to attend to.

Cooking and me

Yes.. I have finally started to cook again. I believe I have taken up cooking again after 6 months. The reason for that is I have been eating outside food since the last 3.5 months and it has caused serious health problems for me. Since moving to Kolkata, my acidity levels have gone up and sometimes it has been so bad that I would wake up in the middle of the night clutching my chest really tight or even puke. Also according to the doctor, my body is not getting the sufficient intake of protiens and vitamins it needs and so the best thing for me would be to stop eating outside. And yes, my dear mommy, my friends and my colleagues they have all been saying this for ages that stop eating outside. So yes, I have finally decided to stop eating outside food and start cooking everyday from this week. The menu for today is Alu Gobhi.. and you all are invited. 🙂


My work mates…

I usually dont post much about my work on my blog.. but this is something that I had to post. This happened between a colleague from my project and a colleague from a different project. It seems we have this cold war going on between our projects and hence there is not much friendly interaction. But anyways.. so my project colleague, S, was sitting on the left side of the window in the car and we were waiting to pick up M, from the another project. Well M comes and she opens the left side door, while S was leaning on it. What happens next is best described in the conversation below..

S: I could have fallen. Didnt you see I was sitting here?
M: How do I know you were sitting here?
S: You should have got in from the other side.
M: Does anyone get in from the wrong side?
S: You could have atleast noticed if anyone was sitting here or not.
M: The glass is tinted. I could not see.
S: You could have seen if you had tried to see
M: Strange girl!!

Obviously this conversation was in bengali so I might have missed a couple of sentences.. but I enjoyed the cat fight to the fullest. I hope 2007 brings me lots of these. Buhahah

Google image

This happened sometime yesterday.. I have my homepage set as Google. So yesterday when I opened my browser to surf the net.. this is the page I got.. Please take a look at the current temperature for Mumbai and Kolkata. Now I wish that would be true.. such low temperatures 🙂

2007 wishlist

Oh well, 2006 is over and I dont think I made a wishlist for that year and but this my wishlist for this year. Some of them as you will read below are meant just for me, while some are meant for everyone. At the end of this year.. we will come back to see if I did get any of the things I wished for.

1. Peace on earth

2. No more children dying from hunger

3. No more corruption from our dear Netas

4. A Guitar

5. An iPod

6. Going to Ladakh for trek

7. Last but not the least a Thinkpad.

There are quite a few items missing in the list here, but I will probably get them later this year or there is always next year. I am going to open up a donation jar, so pls feel free to donate for the last 4 noble causes. I assure you I will use your funds with no discretion and will get the best of everything listed above. Thanks for your donation. 🙂