Long time no post

I have been pretty busy the last couple of weeks (ok I was also lazy some of those days) to post something new. I guess the lazy period is over and now I am back with a small bang. At this very moment at lot of things are going on in my mind.. Life is full of so many choices.. right now I have a choice to walk on the path that I have walked before or do something which I have never done before. Well.. to be more detailed.. to go to the US or no. I have been there and I have walked through that path before. The other option I am right now considering is to find work in Europe. This for me is going to be very new, something which is similar to the path I have taken before, but not the same. The last option would be to stay back and keep working here. This is something I wanted to do until a couple of days ago before I had my first brush with Indian managerial system. I will write about it in some other post.. but after that incident I have sort of lost interest in working here. Lets see though.. I have to decide everything by end of March. I still have sometime to decide but.. I feel it is too less. Oh well..