Rain is gone

Well it is no longer raining here.. i wish it rains like it rains in Mumbai. Here it rains for 10 mins and then stops. I don’t understand what the funda is. Locals say that it will start pouring cats and dogs once we get into July. So now I am waiting for that. In the meanwhile, the fan in my room does not work, so everyday I lift the mattress, move it to the living room and sleep there. The fan guy was supposed to get here yesterday, but I am not sure if he had come or no, because i was away in the office recruiting people. Life in the office has become very hectic. I dont know how many things I can manage at the same time. I have new people who are undergoing training, I am getting more people on the board, plus there is regular work and then there is added work in terms of reports and etc. Thus, I have had no time for practically anything else. To be honest, I am enjoying this kind of pressure. Tonight I am hoping I will get the much needed break. I am looking fwd to fly to Mumbai tonight and take a break for 2 days, before I get back on Monday and then prepare for more work. This is not confirmed yet, since it all depends on how things work out today. If everything goes well, I will be on my way back home else I will be staying for another couple of days and then heading back on Friday. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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