Interesting observation

The other day I decided to put on my India t-shirt and headed out to the gym. It takes me about 25 mins to walk from home to the gym and throughout the way people were giving very strange and weird looks. At first I thought there must be something wrong with me, may be there is something on my face or something is wrong with my hair or may be the shorts are too low. After thinking for a while, I realised nothing was wrong with me, it was just that I was wearing an India t-shirt. I was kind of stunned to see people giving me such weird looks. I am sure those same people would have been totally fine, if I was wearing a Yankees t-shirt or may be an England t-shirt. Strange people we have in our country.

2 thoughts on “Interesting observation

  1. Im proud of u Akshay! ppl r so used to glorifying another nation that they forget their own. They should be ashamed.and ty for ur concern…Im ok now 🙂 HUGGGGGGGGZ!Keshi.

  2. hi akshay..interesting !! although not surprising. maybe those people were confused and were taking you to be some cricket star! which no doubtconsidering your looks !! dont blame the people of your country

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