The week so far…

I have never had a week in my work life which has been as stressful as this one. The past few days have been really bad for me and my team. Just, last week we were awarded the Super Team of the Year and this week, it seems like the Super Team is without it’s power. We are just a team. I understand that work also has its highs and lows, but believe me being on lower end is no good. Anyways, I guess I should take it as a learning curve and not worry too much about it. The good part is we are getting better day by day and getting our powers back :). This weekend I am flying to Mumbai to attend a wedding, my best friend is getting married to this wonderful girl and I wish them A Very Happy Future.

2 thoughts on “The week so far…

  1. So the powers are coming back!!! Akshay we all have these ups & downs….be in work or anything in general…Good to know that you are taking things in the right stride…..Ghar mein aish karna…shaadi mein dance karna…aur free ka khana khaana!!!

  2. You are a superman…Like you said you have double rechargeable life batteries…..hhhmmmuuaaaahhhhh…ENjoy Sids wedding…btw when are you getting married 😉

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