Clinic, Work, Wedding, Traffic etc

The last few days have been very hectic for me. I was supposed to fly to Mumbai on Friday, but a colleague of mine suffered from severe headache issues and had to be taken to the hospital. I was having lunch, when another colleague of mine called me and said ‘S’ has fallen on the floor and we dont know what is wrong. So I left everything and then went to check on her and decided to get her checked in a clinic. After we got to the clinic, the doctor said the headaches could be a possible result of migraine and that he advised us to get a CT scan done. He gave her a shot and told us we can take her home, but we should get the CT scan done soon. By the time, I dropped her home and returned back to the office, it was already 5:30pm and I had tons of work pending, so I decided it would be best for me to head to Mumbai on Saturday. Got my flights rescheduled and kept working until midnight on Friday.

The next morning woke up at 7:00am and got ready to head to the airport. The taxi drivers in Kolkata are real thieves. First of all, they dont charge by the meter and even when they do charge by the meter, they will always ask for Rs.10-20 more. They always assume that 10-20 bucks dont mean much to us. As a result, I have refrained from taking taxis to airport, usually prefer traveling by the public bus. Anyways I reached airport on-time and found a super long line, holiday travelers. I didn’t know holiday travel was this huge in India. The flight was pretty uneventful and I reached home on time. In the evening went out with R and B to get the wedding gift for my friends S and N, who were tying knot the next day.

Sunday, the day of all rest days, I was up by 5am and ready by 6:30am to leave for S and N’s wedding. Since me and R were the grooms men, we were required to get there early and help with the things. The wedding was a very simple, gracious and an elegant affair. I felt very honored standing next to the groom through out the wedding. Then we went to S’s house, after wedding and had a good time with his family. As I sit here and reflect the time spent in the wedding, I couldn’t help but realise that one by one all my friends are getting married and my number is going to come soon. Anyways, I finally returned home around 6:00pm. Was exhausted like anything. but then decided to head out and meet another friend.

The traffic in Mumbai has become really terrible. Almost every single main street or road is choc-a-block with cars, buses, taxis and rickshaws. I wonder, if we will ever get traffic free roads. The sad thing is the width of the roads keeps increasing, but the number of vehicles on the roads also keep increasing. In these days, anyone can go ahead and buy a car. I believe some sort of premium has to be associated with buying cars, so that streets are not crowded like this. May be a heavy road tax should do the trick. Also I feel all rickshaws should be cleared from the streets. I know a lot of people will lose their livelihood, but we can’t have any more people destroying our city. At the same time public transportation should be improved, more luxury and handicap friendly buses should be introduced. Trains should be made more passenger friendly. We can probably have trains leaving from their origins at every 2-3 mins rather than every 5 mins. Have different train routes, may be some stopping at alternate stations. I feel these are some of the things can be made to improve the traffic situation in the city.

Oh well, a super long post.. I just kept ranting on and on. There are many things that I want to keep to ranting about.. will do more laterz. Until then take it easy..

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