Rickshaw pooling incident

Everyday while going to work, I go to the main road outside my complex and get a autorickshaw from there. The ricks are usually lined up one after the other picking up fares and going towards their destination. Yesterday when I reached the road, there were two ricks idly standing by, before I could approach them a lady approached the first rick. Assuming that it was already taken, I went to the 2nd rick and told him where I wanted to go. He agreed. The first rick was not interested in going where the lady wanted to go.. usually in the morning most people head towards Borivali station. I saw the lady, our eyes met, so I asked her if she was going towards station. She said yes, so we decided to rickshaw pool towards the station.

Today also the same thing happened, there was only one rick. I saw the same lady reach the rick before me. I anticipated that she would recognize me from yesterday and atleast ask if I was heading in the same direction as her.

The lady totally ignored me.

I was pissed off. But then luckily got another rick quickly and reached the station on time. Sometimes it is just too much to expect courtesy in return from people whom you have helped.

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