Long time no write

It has been a while since I have written anything. There are a lot of things which have happened which I would have wanted to share, but due to too much work pressure have not been able to do the same. Lately I have been working like there is nothing. It seems like I have been demoted from a manager to a worker class employee. The current project which I have been working on is going on from last one year with no sight in the end for the same. I am finally realizing that transitioning a project of this magnitude (15000+) employees is not a piece of cake. The entire project has just kept me busy with no time to pursue anything else. I am finally writing after such a long time because of persistent efforts of my fiancé who has been insisting I write something. Even this post I am writing while traveling in the flight and now in the taxi. I am not sure if it is just me or even others in mid-management level are also going through the same. As of right now I am hoping that I keep writing more often and write on more subjects other than just work.