Trip to Aarey

Finally got myself registered for PMP mandatory training at PMI Mumbai Chapter. The PMI office has moved from Wadala to Royal Palms in Goregaon which gave us (me and Geeta) to explore Aarey Milk Colony. The whole place looks really beautiful during rains, the green and gray complement very well. We decided by checking out some sample offices/ flats in the building where the PMI office is located and took some pics of the view from the same. The next we decided to walk down the Aarey road and it was worth the walk. On the way we saw some amazing trees, snails and also went paddle boat riding in the Chota Kashmir club. While boating, it started raining really heavily and it added all the more the charm to the place. I havent been boating in a really long time and really had a good time with Geeta. I really feel lucky to have someone like her in my life as she helps me rediscover myself. There have been a lot of changes in me, which has led me to exist and not live my life. These times with her make me live my life again. Hoping for such times to continue for a long time to come.

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