Bike trip to Valsad

Last Sunday, I along with my dad, went to Valsad on bike for some personal work. Valsad is about 180kms from Mumbai and would have taken me approx. 3 hours of reach there. We started at around 6:50am in the morning and took the NH8. Once we crossed the Ghodbunder junction, the roads were simply awesome. After crossing Virar, the road turns into a 6 lane highway.  There was not a single pothole that I encountered on the entire journey. Coming from a city where roads are littered with potholes, riding on such smooth roads was unexpected and a dream come true experience. I wonder why don’t these engineers make roads in Mumbai, I am sure we would have much better roads.

I couldn’t resist speeding looking at the empty highway and smooth roads. I feel once the R15 crosses the speed of 75kmph, it really opens up and it easily slips into a mode where even riding at 120kmph feels like a breeze. The bike was completely stable and I couldn’t feel any vibrations. I could achieve the max speed of 124kmph with a pillion rider. I feel that the bike can reach speeds of 135kmph (though that’s a target for a different trip). The best part of the riding is that it makes me feel free and clear. For those few hours, I leave everything behind and just focus on the road and enjoy the surroundings. Overall it was an awesome experience and now I am looking forward to more bike trips this year.

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