6 days work week

I have started working 6 days a week, since I have joined the new company. It is quite a change when you are so used to working 5 days a week and eagerly await for Friday to come. In my case, I don’t really get excited about Saturday since by the time half of Sunday is over, I am thinking about going to office the next day. Also it becomes terribly hard to get up early in the morning on a Saturday. Plus, if I have to attend social obligations on Sunday..then God only help me. Having a Saturday off I think is essential.. since it allows people to have a night out on Friday and Saturday and then relax on Sunday. I guess I can always have a night out on Saturday but…The positives about working 6 days a week is that I get to go to the gym 6 days a week instead of 5. I guess I will get fitter more quickly. I seriously need to lose some weight.. I am about 5kgs over the ideal weight. Hopefully working out 6 days a week will help me reduce down quickly. Lets see how it goes.

3 thoughts on “6 days work week

  1. I dont think u need to loose ne more wt…:) but yes being fit is a good idea. And u know wot these MNCs have made us so used to the 5 days frenzy work cultures…that it is sometimes difficult to get used to the 6 days. But one gets used to it soon…n look at the +ve side…u can so easily evade all the social obligations for one day now…:)

  2. Dnt worry slowly n steadily you will get used to this 6 dz of working….Its difficult but good for you.It will keep you active and healthy since the 6th day forces you to go the gym as well…So get going Mr. Mumbaikar….Bhaagte raho!!!!!

  3. hey i left a comment earlier bt u didnt accept it. dats 2 bad. ur blog shd accept comments from ppl, gud or bad.

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