Friday night, full tight

Last Friday our team went to Score, a sports bar, to celebrate a team member’s birthday. This was my first time going this place.  The place consisted of couple of pool tables, Wii games and table football. However, the best part about this place was the music. The DJ played some of the best rock songs right from Pink Floyd to Bon Jovi to Linkin Park. We had an awesome time drinking, playing Wii and singing along the songs that were played. One of our colleagues knew the owner of the place and he was generous enough to provide some free drinks on the house. The quality of food was alright. The same can definitely be improved upon.

 Personally, I enjoyed listening to rock music. I think Pink Floyd sounds the best when you are a bit high. Heard some other awesome songs after a very long time and it just made my evening. One of the best evenings in a very long time.  

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