Day 14/ 365 – Football Super Sunday

Got to see one of most exciting matches of the Premier League this season. Billed as the “El Cashico”, due to the enormous amounts of money both the teams have poured in their teams, it was one of the matches to look out for. I have been a Chelsea supporter since last 10 odd years now and though I am not a die hard fan (i.e. don’t need to watch all the matches), I do follow most of their games. I was super excited when Jose Mourinho came on board once again and since then have been looking forward to enjoying some Chelsea success. I was hoping to enjoy that Manchester United but the day was won by brilliant performance of Wayne Rooney. He played like a man possessed and draw was a fair result. The game with Manchester City was the second biggest game for Chelsea and I was glad that they were able to grab all 3 points in the game. Like Wayne Rooney, Fernando Torres was playing like a man possessed and hopefully with him scoring in 2 consecutive games, I am hoping he is back to his best. He seemed to be enjoying the game and didn’t let the disappointment get to him for missing a straight forward goal. In the next couple of minutes, he set up the pass beautifully for Schurrle to score and also hit the goal post with a super shot. During the dying stages of the game, with scores level and points to be shared between the teams, he created the error from keeper Joe Hart and defender to score the winning goal. For me it was an absolute delight watching Chelsea and Torres play the way they did. During the later stages of the game, it seemed like Chelsea were the one looking for the goal and had stepped up the pressure considerably. It was really good watching Chelsea attack and get the result they wanted. I know a lot of people will say it is too soon in the season to mention this, but Chelsea definitely look like title contenders this year. Next stop Arsenal!!

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