Day 69/ 365 – Superhero Identity

So I received the below image on my WhatsApp today and it made me wonder why did Ironman disclose his identity. If you look at any of the superhero’s like Batman, Superman, Spiderman – they have always tried to withhold their identity so that the enemies wont harm their loved ones.  In the first movie, we see Ironman announce to the world that he is Ironman. This is in spite of the fact that he had just saved Pepper Potts from  Obadiah Stane. Also once he announced to the world that he is Ironman, obviously he became a target for everyone and in the process endangering the lives of people around him. I find it a bit odd as it flies against the traditional logic of being a superhero. I am not sure how disclosing his name really impacted the good deeds that he planned to do or was doing. Or was it purely to increase the stock price of his company since the company stocks had tanked after Tony Stark announces that Stark Industries would no longer be manufacturing weapons? Or was it simply his ego? What do you think?


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